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The Telegraph recently covered a story on the increased income Coca Cola generated through their personalised coke bottles and we thought it was worth exploring.

Coca Cola famously launched the "share a coke" campaign in 2011, perhaps they forsaw the increase in popularity of personalised products.

Known as mass personalisation, they created bottles of their popular product with the most popular names in America.

In April 2014, they launched in the UK, and produced bottles with the 1000 most popular names in the UK.

The public clambered to get their hands on a bottle with their name on it, or better still, to give as a gift to someone.  The excitement that followed led to a huge Twitter, Facebook and Instagram buzz, where customers throughout the world talked about the great "personalised bottle" that they received.

There were still some customers who had very unique names, who felt left out, so Coca Cola decided to allow customers to do a completely bespoke label with any name they wanted on the label.

These did cost more than the normal bottle, but demand was so high for personalisation that customers were happy to pay for the product.

We think that they nailed it!  To create such a buzz and increase sales and brand awareness by simply offering mass customisation, then full personalisation, Coca Cola certainly turned the corner.

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