Secret Santa gift ideas

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If you work in an office, it can be a stressful time of year when the dreaded "secret santa" hat gets passed around and you draw the name.

You are praying that you get someone easy to buy for, your hand goes into the hat.  You close your eyes and draw the name..... "oh no!" you think.  You have either pulled Irene from accounts who you don't know at all, or worse still, you get the name of your friend Andy who sits right opposite you.

It can be tough to buy a gift for someone.  If you know them, then the chances are you know lots of things they don't like.  But not necessarily things they do like.  If you don't know them at all, then the stress begins.

The fact of the matter is that no matter whether you need to buy a Christmas gift for him or her, it can be hard to buy a present for someone you don't know.

You can get a gift card, but that is so impersonal and untoughtful that it may cause offence.  You can buy a comedy gift, but this may embarras the recipient and cause offence.

A lot of people wimp out and buy a bottle of alcohol, which they know will be drank, but once again, the impersonal and easy way out element of such a gift lower its appeal.

We have some great secret santa gift ideas, that can meet any budget.

For her -

Secret Santa sweet Scottish hamper for her

Secret santa hamper for her

Personalised Secret Santa Champagne

Personalised Champagne Secret Santa

For him -

Personalised Secret Santa Beer Keg

Secret santa beer keg


Remember you can purchase your gift online now, and select delivery for nearer Christmas, or you can buy a last minute gift online from our store and we will deliver right up to Christmas eve.


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