Posted by on Oct 11, 2014 .

If you work in an office, it can be a stressful time of year when the dreaded "secret santa" hat gets passed around and you draw the name.

You are praying that you get someone easy to buy for, your hand goes into the hat.  You close your eyes and draw the name..... "oh no!" you think.  You have either pulled Irene from accounts who you don't know at all, or worse still, you get the name of your friend Andy who sits right opposite you.

It can be tough to buy a gift for someone.  If you know them, then the chances are you know lots of things they don't like.  But not necessarily things they do like.  If you don't know them at all,...

Posted by on Oct 10, 2014 .

Since August this year, our business has benefited from the free business support, advice, mentoring and collaboration that Entrepreneurial Spark has offered.

Although we have our warehouse and fulfillment centre in Edinburgh for all our personalised bottle and Scottish hamper orders, we saw an opportunity to grow the business by moving our marketing and administration side of things to the E-Spark hatchery in Edinburgh.

To briefly explain, E-spark is a not for profit organisation that exists to help small businesses with the potential and desire to grow and expand the opportunity to do so.  There are currently 3 hatcheries in...

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The Telegraph recently covered a story on the increased income Coca Cola generated through their personalised coke bottles and we thought it was worth exploring.

Coca Cola famously launched the "share a coke" campaign in 2011, perhaps they forsaw the increase in popularity of personalised products.

Known as mass personalisation, they created bottles of their popular product with the most popular names in America.

In April 2014, they launched in the UK, and produced bottles with the 1000 most popular names in the UK.

The public clambered to get their hands on a bottle with their name on it, or better still, to give as a gift to...

Posted by on Aug 24, 2014 .

Following fantastic feedback from clients who asked us to create a personalised beer range for their wedding day, we have now added these products to our website.

Traditionally, many people like to leave a favour on the table for their guests.  It is a nice way to thank them for attending your special day.  Many people like to leave a miniature whisky, gin or vodka for their guests.  In recent months we have been personalising these for couples for their wedding day.

Normally they would have a message on the labels, with the wedding date and a photo of the couple.  These favours are always very well received as they are a really...

Posted by on Jul 30, 2014 .

As well as supplying individual gifts to customers throughout the UK, we also have a very popular corporate service.

Whether you are looking for 100 bottles of Prosecco to give to clients or customers, or 1000 Scottish food hampers as a corporate Christmas gift, we can help.

We also supply event organisers and wedding planners with personalised miniatures, beer, cider, wine and champagne as favours or to decorate the tables at a corporate dinner with branded drinks.

Get in touch with us if you have a corporate enquiry, and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.